Our intention here is not to provide you with a complete list of lexical terminology, as you can access any information online. The idea is just to enlighten you on some main definitions of the most commonly used terms.
the atomizer is by all means the main component in the e-cigarette:
-a central piece, because of its position between the cartridge and the battery, or in the clearomiser.
-also essential because, when not working, vaping becomes impossible.
Briefly, the atomizer's function is to vaporise the e-liquid. Generally, a small metallic pin is connected to the cartridge. In this pin, a wick feeds the liquid to the atomizer. Once the user presses the button on the battery, it creates a electric contact in the atomizer, which heats up, and,as a consequence, the liquid soaked in the wick vaporizes. At this precise moment, the user inhale the vapour.
Different types of atomizes are on the market (according to the threading type):
-The "510" is the classic standard atomizer. Most manufactures make sure that their products are compatible with the "510" threading. The vapour generated is plentiful but you will generally observe a slight loss of flavour.  
-The "306" atomizer  is the favourite of lovers of "dry" smokers (definition below). The amount of vapour generated is modest, but its quality substantiel in terms of flavour distribution. Adapters 306-510 are available on the market, which allows to combine  these atomizers with more conventional and commonly found types of battery.
-The "repairable" atomizer offers a cheaper option on the long term. Depending on daily average of puffs, the user will have to replace the atomizer one or two weeks after the purchase.The amount of money saved when purchasing such types of atomizers can vary. It all depends on the level of manipulation and DIY work that needs to be done on the atomizer: Certain types only need a coil head to be inserted in its original metallic body. Without the coil head, the product is nothing but a mere empty metallic tube. Since the coil is cheaper to produce, and is the only element to replace, it will be cheaper than to replace the whole atomizer unit.These particular atomizers are recognisable by the letter C that follow their name and number (i.e.: Cigatec 650C) . That type of maintenance remains affordable for the user. However, it must be noted that some atomizers need more skillful maintenance to peak in terms of efficiency. They are often dearer to buy, their maintenance requires more skills, but the end result is worth it, considering the quality of flavour distribution and low maintenance cost, it remains a must buy for amateurs of efficiency. The user will need to assemble a mounting (fiberglass or genesis, definitions hereafter) in order to create a electric circuit. This type of skill requires some level of expertise (still manageable for motivated and patient subjects!) and obviously does not apply to beginners. On this specific market segment, Cigatec offers the Mini Bliss and the Bliss V3 from Docdave, which we regard as the best mod supplier in the world.

Cartomizers have a two in one system which combines "heating" element and the cartridge element. Specifically, an atomizer is stuffed with a woollen-like material in a small metallic tube which holds the liquid. Inside this "stuffing", a fine wick, linked itself with the coil, soaks the liquid at a later stage will be  vaporized. Like all articles of consumption, cartomizer have pros and cons.
- It is cheap, the smoking feeling is great, it is easier on liquid consumption than other articles of consumption, and delivers a smooth, warm and well appreciated vapour.
-On the other hand, the cartomizer is a fragile product (lifespan of 2 to 3 weeks) and the stuffing alters the flavour of the liquid when in contact with the heating element, which is unfortunately often the case. In addition, the filling process can be rather long (lack of capillarity) if the user doesn't have a thin enough syringe to reach thee bottom of the woolen-type stuffing.
According to most of vapers, the best brand of cartomizer is BOGE. This brand indeed specialised in this type of articles of consumtion and furthermore, the prices charged are usually lower than the ones of the opposition. Three different types of cartomizer are available on the market:
-the standard cartomizers used as such, with any batteries with a 510 threading. It can be an option to pierce them (with a small tool called the carto punch) and use them with tanks.
- prepunched cartomizers, only to be used with tanks.
-repairable cartomizers (like the GP Spheroid v2): users have to put together a "fibre" or "genesis" kit (once modified) whereby the liquid is poured , not in the tank, but in the stuffing where the wick(s) lies. Since the coil is not in contact with the stuffing, the flavours in the liquid are more respected than in classic cartomizers' situations.
Clearomizers appeared on the market after the atomizers and cartomizers. Like in the case of the cartomizer, the system combines a heating system and a reserve for liquids, in a two in one model. The main difference from the cartomizer is that no stuffing is necessary for the running of the product. Wicks are at all times in contact with the coil and are soaked in the liquid, which eventually be vaporized. Moreover, as its name suggests (CLEARomizer), the level of liquid is notable in a simple glance. The exponential success of the articles of consumption forced the manufacturers to design multiple models, the most popular being Kanger and Stardust. These two models are currently the most used and stand for quality. However, let's state the facts clearly:
-avantages :clearomizer are generally cheap, with decent smoke volume and distribution of flavours, the smoking feeling is there and the design often attractive.
-drawbacks : clearomizer are nonetheless more expensive than cartomizers, with a similar lifespan (2 to 3 weeks). It also is harder on liquid than average, and overall more fragile because made of plastic material.
Recently a new system of clearomizer entered the market: the repairable clearomizer. Based on the same idea as the repairable type C atomizer, one can change the combination coil/wick, keeping the plastic body, which is more cost-efficient..
As for the new models, like the Protank from Kanger or the Vapeonly BCC, they seem to favour the solidity of the product, as well as the autonomy in liquid, providing an even better distribution of flavours.
Mod, short for "MODification". Mods are improved electronic cigarettes. Initial mods were the work of private individuals, producing handmade craft mods. The main difference with the larger scale production of e-cigarettes is that wheres the battery of the original kits can be recharged through  a direct USB key (stopping the  process of vaping for few hours), Mods usually work with rechargeable batteries that are inserted in a charger commonly known as " a battery tube". As soon as the battery goes flat, just insert it in the charger and replace with another battery, saving on a rather long waiting time to vape again. A a result, numerous Mods are available:
-Mecanical Mods or "battery tubes": they specifically never break down, as they don't carry any electronics. On the other hand, the distribution  of flavours is variable. Once charged, the battery will perform at 4.2 volts but will progressively power down. As a result the wattage in the battery will decline slowly as you use it. At the moment, the most popular mecanical mods are the work of sheer artists who are gaining in credibility. The engravings proove more and more sophisticated, the design and ergonomics more and more inspiring. A thriving market indeed.
-Variable voltage or wattage mods, including the most famous of them all the Provari (produced by Provape), allowing the user to modulate the voltage supplied by the battery, thanks to a built-in electronic chipset. In addition, the voltage is boosted. Whether the battery is full or almost flat, the voltage delivered will comply with the desired voltage, determined by the user. As a result, the user will benefit from quality, and most importantly consistency when vaping. However, beware not to use an overly high voltage with some atomizers, as the gap in power capacity might damage the latter.

NB : the Provari deals itself with this particular problem (among others) as it checks if the voltage chosen is compatible with the atomizer used!
You got the point, we consider the Provari as one of the best (if not THE best) mod on the market. It is the Rolls Royce of the vape!
-Hybrids : generally, hybrids are mecanical mods on which manufacturers implanted a repairable atomizer. Again, it is a thriving market, and new models, all equally interesting, are introduced every week. The most famous ones are: The Orion and the Zenesis, but other smaller productions are on going (Cigatec sells the IQ from Iullian), and high standards should be met yet again!
"Fibre" mounting (fibreglass) is generally the first system that confirmed vapers use. The reason being that this system is close to the usual functionable systems. You will need to buy fibreglass at low cost (Cigatec has three types: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, sold by the metre), as well as some heating resistance heating wire (Cigatec has some Kanthal, sold in 5 m bobbin). The mounting will consist in completing a simplified electric circuit from a repairable atomizer. These will have a positive and a negative pole, to be linked with some resistance wire and wrapped around the fibreglass. Depending on the amount of wire turns, your resistance will vary in power (the longer resistance wire= the higher the resistance; the larger the fibre stands= the higher the resistance, as more wire is used). Multiple tutorials are available, google should provide with enough info for you to complete your first mounting without too many difficulties.
 "Genesis" is very similar to the fibre one, only the material used differ. Instead of fibreglass, sheets of "Mesh" will be used (Cigatec opted for ultrathin Mesh 200), which are simply plaited stainless steel. These sheets are often labelled with a number (200, 325, 400) which relates to the number of plaited stainless steel stands: the larger the number, the more rigid the sheet is. So, why choosing ultrathin Mesh 200? Simply because the thicker the sheet is, the harder the oxydation is. Indeed, in order to complete your mounting,  you will need to oxydize the sheet with a blowlamp. Once the oxydation completed (note a unsuccessful oxydation will fail the system), the sheet Mesh will be rolled to a thin metallic pin, which then will be vertically inserted in a hole in the repairable atomizer. The rest of the procedure is similar to the fibre mounting system. The resistance wire will be wrapped around this metal pin, linking it to the + and - poles of the atomizer.
The advantages of the "genesis" system are numerous: the pin can be reused for a long time (few months), this system is economical as it (almost) only burns the resistance wire. In addition, the distribution of flavour is usually better than the fibre, as the fibre might create an unpleasant taste that some users find unattractive. On the other hand, the genesis mounting system is tedious, and harder to achieve for beginners. After saying that, multiple accessible tutorials are available on line. Google it and you will be convinced!
Dry corresponds to a different way to vape. In order to do so, specific atomizers should be used ( the best and most famous are from Cisco, available from Cigatec): these atomizers do not require to be connected with any cartridge (filled with liquid), and for that reason have no internal pin for that effect. Instead, there is a metallic braid on which the user will have to pour 3 to 5 drops of liquid. The user will have to add a drip tip (defined below) onto his atomizer, instead of the cartridge. That way, the taste of the liquid won't be altered by either the heating process of the fibreglass wicks, or the heating of the stuffing of wadding, or by the contact on the plastic body of a conventional cartridge. This method is considered as pure, without the autonomy, as a regular refilling is required by pouring few drop onto the metallic braid.  However, you might avoid this problem by using the "bottom feeding" system, while keeping the quality of dry vaping. Bottom feeding involves using a special mod, often cube-shaped (labelled as "box") in which batteries will be inserted along with a small bottle filled with liquid. This bottle will then feed the atomizer from the bottom, thanks to a specific system. When the atomizer needs to be fed, the user will have to press the bottle which is accessible from a small window designed for that effect on the mod, while still vaping away. As a result, you combine the quality of dry vaping with battery and liquid auonomy. The most famous bottom feeding "boxes" are Reo, Red Sky Mods, Bogger Boxes or Sweet Vapes. The prices of these mods are rather high (well over 150 euros, with batteries, charger and atomizer not included). For that reason, Cigatec introduced a discovery kit from Vmod.  A less famous brand, but as efficient. You will be able to enjoy the new sensations of bottom feeding at a lower price.
 "Drip Tips" are small tips, often round-shaped, which act as mouthpieces instead of cartridges. Different shapes, sizes, colours and materials are used to such an extend that some users start to collect them, or store them well beyond what is strictly necessary!  Some even consider them as artistic treasures. You will find various types of drip tips, from aluminium ones to glass ones, at all prices. You will be able to  personalise your electronic cigarette. They can be classified as follow:
-Aluminium Drip Tip are produced on a large scale, thus cheap. They do what they are supposed to do, and for 95% of users, it is good enough.
-Acrylique Drip Tip are quite solid, and manufacturers work hard on colour patterns. The most famous are the Cherry Vape. Cigatec decided to store some of these creations.
-Stainless steel Drip Tip  are more robust, harder to scrape, and generally have a better finish. They are usually cheaper that the aluminium drip tips.
-Delrin Drip Tips are soft, therefore pleasant on the lips. In addition, their price is very reasonable.
-Wooden Drip Tips belong to the premium category. The most well known is the Drip Tip Molehill
-Glass Drip Tips belong to the very high-end category. For instance,  Drip Tip Sagewood and especially Trippy Tips (selection available in Cigatec ). True works of art!
You will find a range of the whole collection of Drip tips on the web site, under the Drip Tip category.