Vaping is a combustion-free process; therefore e-cigarettes belong to the family of tobacco substitutes such as inhalers, gums or nicotine patches, all of which have none of most of the ingredients found in a
conventional cigarette.
- Electronic cigarettes have few or none of the chemicals which could be harmful to human health.
- Although it remains early to speak in definite terms, it seems so far that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes and show toxic levels similar to that of gums, inhalers or patches.
-  E-cigarettes contain 1000 times fewer carcinogens than conventional cigarettes.
-  Preliminary studies claim that e-cigarettes could be an efficient substitute to conventional cigarettes, mainly because users simulate the act of smoking.
-   In terms of distribution of nicotine, this system appears to be more efficient than other methods, as the stimuli associated with the act of smoking have a long-term effect against withdrawal symptoms.